Valentine’s Day

You know when you’re truly in love with someone without question because even when you’re tired, you never get tired of thinking about them. You never get bored thinking about them. Thoughts of them just enter your mind for no reason. Thoughts of them make you smile, but you hurt deep inside when you aren’t with them. Love is more than mere thoughts.


Words aren’t enough

To show love only you and I

Can see




Write about

Some say if you can’t physically





Then it’s not real love

Love isn’t only that

Love is a deep

Wound or cut

That never heals over

It bleeds eternally

It’s a fire

That feels good when it burns you

From the inside out

Love is more than just saying

I love you

It’s being that love

That no one else can satisfy

No matter how hard they try

Because you never have to try

To love someone

Or work on love

Or hope love works out

Love doesn’t work

Love feeds the soul

And it’s something you need to live

It’s the reason you wake up

And take a breath every morning

It’s why when someone else says no

You stand up and say yes

Love is appealing to the eyes

But also to the heart

And to your ears

To every part of you

Because every part of them

Is not something you want




It’s something you need

Because you ache



Long for that love

That keeps you warm on cold nights

And even hotter during the summer

He makes you so hot

That even the most scorching summer nights

Would be jealous of him

A taste of him would be more



Than the sweetest chocolaty treat

No matter how long you savor it in your mouth

His kiss lingers much longer

Once the chocolate dissolves

Love isn’t a spark

Love is an infinite drum solo

That plays forever without fading

It only gets louder as time goes on

Yet, you never notice the decibel increase

Only the fire growing hotter in your heart

Your soul

Your body

Enflamed with his

You’re not one

You’re a woman

He’s a man

You fit together not as one

Your heart speaks to his

Two hearts not as one

But as a time piece

That ticks its ecstasy

You don’t even have to be

In the same room with him

To feel his passion

His kiss

His lovemaking physique

His gaze upon your nakedness

You’re naked to him

And he to you

That’s the way all love should be


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