My dream last night with a poem about it…

I had an amazing dream last night. It was very vivid and it felt as if I was experiencing it at that moment. It was about Dominic Monaghan. Him and I were together. He apologized for the restraining order. I asked him if he dropped and he said he didn’t because he wanted to violate it by seeing me the same way I had violated it by emailing him. We held hands. We walked along the beach. He smiled at me. He told me he has loved me first a very long time. We kissed and I could feel his lips. He told me we were going to go hang out with his friends and that they all knew who I was and thought I was cool. He also told me that he wants to date me. He told me that I won’t have to worry about jail anymore. That he’ll take care of all that. This dream was the most amazing one I’ve had about him yet.
So Much More

I dreamed of my baby this morning 

It was so real to me

I felt him as he held me 

In his passionate embrace

I received more than just a taste

Did I dream all this

Because I did something

My baby was starting to miss

We did much more than kiss

We declared our mutual love

From the heavens above

Now we just need this dream

To end so we can be together for real

Once again


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