You Have No Limitations!

“Become who you were born to be.” Elrond from “Lord of the Rings: The Return Of The King”

“Just because someone tells you to stop talking doesn’t mean you should.” from Me

I’ve always lived my life with both of those quotes because I made a choice a while back not sit back and watch someone else live the life I wanted.

I was raised and told just work and average job, but then that means I’d have to lead an average life and I do NOT want that for myself. I am better than that. My parents and others expect me to fail and come back home to Sioux City to live on Social Security make minimum wage and get government housing. No!!! I am not satisfied with that decision. I am worth more and I have a destiny. We all do. We all make excuses of why we can’t achieve our true dreams. Kids, too expensive, no time etc. Bullshit! Find a way to make it happen and do it! I don’t want to uproot the kids. So you wanna keep them in your miserable minimum wage life? Um, okay. You’re doing them more of a justice than an injustice. Haven’t you ever watched Inside Out??? Come on. It’s human nature to evolve and become better humans for ourselves and others that have to hang around us 24/7. People who have time to talk negatively to and about others because they hate themselves so much are ignorant. I’ve done it. I feel horrible afterwards. I’m definitely not a perfect Christian in thought, word and deed. But, I’m unique and different from all of you. If you didn’t find me interesting, you wouldn’t read my blogs would you…


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